The Character of Sucess

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How many personality tests do you see floating around the internet. How many sports teams have you been on where you define your values or characteristics. And how often do those come up looking like "textbook" perfect adjectives. We are loyal, passionate, determined yada yada yada.

I have often asked myself what my honest answer is. Stubborn is definitely a key trait. Ask my sister how this goes in an argument. At times this trait has hurt me, its stopped me from listening to an opinion that's different to mine or that I don't want to accept. At times its been the reason I can do something someone tells me won't happen (being a female coaching all male sports in the field of mental performance). Candid would be another. Those that have worked around me might call me blunt or candid. I think I am both candid with myself and with those around me. I think feedback is essential to growth and I lost the sense I might be perfect early through failing every spelling test and being dyslexic. Driven is there (that one is kinda textbook). I know I will sacrifice for what I want. Loving...yes I think that is a performance word. I have learned that really caring about the people I am around is a huge part of who I am and my work. It something I am willing to do that a lot of others are not. Discomfort that might be an odd one. It probably ties into my drive. I like finding edges (thus Edge Mentality as the name for the overall business). I have a tendency to search for them. I don't mind some risk. I like learning and I think you learn the most near the edge. This certainly doesn't make me an easy person to be or work around.

The challenge is to think about what your five characteristics or adjectives would be and put them somewhere you can see them. Next challenge is to reflect on them each day for a week or a month and see if that's actually what described you that day. You will probably find that some of the real characteristics are not so pretty but they are a real part of your recipe for performance. And I do believe that knowing yourself is essential the being able to repeat high performance.