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One week in the woods. Relying fully on yourself. Exploring how you meet obstacles

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To develop greater self-awareness, resilience, problem solving skills, and adaptability in high performing individuals through the acquisition of new knowledge and skill in an unfamiliar and challenging environment.

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ATP is a 5-day long program in North Carolina with a focus on enabling the performer to learn about themselves as an individual; how they learn when presented with challenges; and how they respond to challenges, especially failures. The program is experiential in nature, utilizing land navigation as a means for this self-exploration. Land navigation uses a map, compass and protractor--these are all low-tech tools, that demand attention and knowledge, but they are trustworthy and will never fail when properly used. Participants will learn how to utilize these tools.


The Project takes place in beautiful Southern Pines, North Carolina. Southern Pines is miles from Fort Bragg and the training location for Special Forces. The small town boasts state of the art gyms, cryotherapy, float tanks, massage therapists and anything else you might need.


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