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The Mind Leads Performance: The Mind Leads Performance is a podcast focused on mental skills and performance. Through engaging in conversation with their guests, the hosts, Jon Gold and Andy Harris, dive deeper on all things peak performance. Jon is a mental performance coach and mental health counselor, while Andy is a mental performance coach and K-5 PE teacher. On this podcast, Jon and Andy explore the many different ways in which mental skills can make a significant impact on performance and in life.

Show Notes: On this episode we had on Ceci Craft, CMPC, Consultant with the Cleveland Indians and contractor with the U.S. Army Special Forces. Mike Franco, Mental Performance Coach with the Dallas Mavericks and Andy Riise, retiring U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Mental Skills Coach with the Colorado Rockies.

On this episode we discuss individualizing for athletes in mental performance, how to build trust with those you work with, and how to meet players where they're at.

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