Guest on the Learner Lab Podcast- Modeling


How to Improve the Learning Environment with Modeling

Our actions have more of an impact on the learning environment than we realize. If we understand the power of modeling, upgrade the way we think about it, and become more intentional about it – we can all improve the learning environment for the people around us.


Karch Kiraly – Head Coach: USA Women’s Volleyball

Ceci Craft – All Terrain Project

Key Points

Modeling is powerful

Our actions and behaviors have a bigger impact on the people around us than we realize. In a group setting people are likely to imitate the actions of one and other.

What is modeling?

Every action we display and thing we say is technically modeling. We can model good things, irrelevant things, or not so good things.

Benefits of good modeling:

1. Aligns poster values with practiced values

2. Builds psychological safety + increases learning behaviors

3. More empathetic leadership

Good things to model:

Hunger to grow

Willingness to experiment


Willingness to learn something new

Asking for (and using) feedback

How to respond to adversity

Owning mistakes

Everyone can be a model:

Everyone in the group can impact the environment. If we model learning behaviors, it can help those around us do the same.

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