Finding Your Edge

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I know how important a growth mindset is to anyone's ability to learn and all things.

I have also watched performers try to "maintain" or hold on to a fleeting moment and how terribly that goes.

All this being said I also cringe when people talk about having a mindset that allows you to enjoy failure or mistakes. I don't think that is what high performers do. I am severely dyslexic. I really struggle with spelling. I hate it. I have learned a lot from it but I haven't usually enjoyed the lessons.

So I don't think high performance is loving failures or mistakes but I do think its having the stomach to go looking for your edge or point of failure. Its knowingly walking towards the obstacle or wall you are going to have to climb and also knowing you might not have all the supplies you need to climb it yet. But only when you walk to that wall or find that edge do you start to define the tools you'll need to solve that obstacle. So in a weird way you do start to embrace your edge, your walls your obstacles because you know that's how you gain your most important tools.

This is not for the weak of heart because there are times you fall too. You gets scraps and scares. Thats all part of playing around the edge of something. Thats all part of elite performance.