Building Confidence

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In a lot of recent conversations the topic of confidence has come up. Its the classic conversation:

  • How much confidence is the right amount?
  • Can you have too much confidence?
  • Does confidence build complacency?

It almost feels like confidence is some magic source that we are trying to find the perfect amount that needs to go into our recipe for success. I am going to beat the drum more of all confidence is not the same. In fact more and more I think there are different types of confidence.

  • Junk Confidence: Build off of past outcomes and fixed mindset ideas (I was born to do this, I am simply better than that other person).
  • Healthy Confidence: Built off of effort, reflection, habits, preparation, learning experiences, adapting and evolving.

When you build junk confidence its a roller coster and think about can have too much of it and it WIILL contribute to complacency. You'll have it and then hit a challenge and there is nothing that will help you work through that challenge. In fact, if anything, when you hit a challenge you realize your confidence has nothing that will help you in that moment. So junk confidence only works when things are going well.

Healthy confidence on the other hand is pretty stable. It may not give you the high that the junk food confidence will because you have to keep working for it and you know that. In fact failure is baked into your healthy confidence because its what has helped you define yourself and what makes you continue to learn, evolve and adapt. Whats interesting is this confidence almost turns on in tough moments or under pressure. It can build in your toughest moments.

So maybe the conversation shouldn't be around what the right amount of confidence is but more about what the right type of confidence is.